The Kaplan Mobray Personal Branding Master Class
Have you ever envied a colleague’s ability to seamlessly convey her personal brand, and then get ahead because of it?

There’s an art to building your personal brand, and I’m here to help you learn it.

The Beginning
You see, when I was first starting my career, fresh out of college, I was fortunate enough to have a VP at my company seek ME out and volunteer to mentor me on how to get ahead. 

I studied who was getting ahead and who stood out, and watched as others got passed over for promotion. 

I learned that personal branding was the defining difference in why some people’s careers soared and others floundered.
Getting Ahead
And boy, am I glad I did! It helped me quickly advance through several Fortune 500 companies and enabled me to launch a speaking career and write books to help career-minded people like you do the same.

The good news is, building a personal brand is NOT that difficult. It just takes focus.
Are You Ready To Start Your Journey?
And that’s what this Master Class is all about.

It’ll take you from 0 to 10 in just six months. You’ll come out the other side with a strategic, effective personal brand that you can use to accelerate your career.
Kaplan Mobray Personal Branding Master Class
What Is It?
This is not your average coaching or mentoring experience. It DOES involve coaching and mentoring. But it’s so much more than that.

When you enroll in my Kaplan Mobray Personal Branding Master Class, you’ll get a one-on-one experience like no other. You are the ONLY student in this Master Class with me.
How It Works
By enrolling the Kaplan Mobray Personal Branding Master Class, you’ll get one-on-one access to me, along with personalized coaching and advice on how to build your brand – drawing on my decades of expertise as a Fortune 500 consultant, personal career coach, and motivational speaker. 

Twice a month, you’ll bring your personal branding and career challenges to our one-on-one call, and I’ll help you solve the problems. 

You’ll get customized-to-you, actionable tips that translate into results at work.

What’s Included In The Master Class
When you enroll in the six-month-long Kaplan Mobray Personal Branding Master Class, here’s what you’ll get:
  • 12 Phone Calls With Me! I'll hold two 1-hour calls every month with you, over six months. 
  • Access To Subject-Matter Experts. Every so often, I’ll bring experts and additional resources into our calls to fast-track your progress.
  •  A Private Facebook Group where you can interact with me and other like-minded professionals.
  •  The Kaplan Mobray Career Success Kit, which includes learning materials, ebooks, career guides, email courses, and tools to help you practice what you learn in the group.
  • Strategy. We’ll be strategic about your primary personal branding problems and identify solutions that will put you on the personal branding map.
  • A Signed Copy of my award-winning book "The 10Ks of Personal Branding"
  • A Personalized Discount Code to use in the Kaplan Mobray store at any time to receive 10% off.
  • Lifetime Access to the 10Ks of Personal Branding Course 9regularly priced at $399) for just $199. That's a $200 savings.
Who Should Join?
The Master Class is for YOU, if you see yourself fitting into one of these categories:
  •  You're struggling to create a personal brand and want to build one from scratch.
  •  You want to reshape your personal brand to prepare for new career opportunities. 
  •  You've received feedback that your brand is damaged and you need to repair relationships with coworkers and superiors.
  •  You want to become more effective at using your personal brand to advance your career.
  •  You've been laid off from your job or made some mistakes in managing your brand and you want to push the reset button for better career results in 2018.

How Will the Master Class Help?
My Personal Branding Master Class will help you:
  •  Develop a plan and approach for showcasing your strengths to boost your reputation. 
  •  Tackle day-to-day career challenges with navigating opportunities within your company. 
  •  Get promoted. Prepare to get promoted. Develop a plan for career change.
  •  Retool your executive presence, elevator speech, and work style to upgrade your value to your organization
  •  Position yourself to avoid job cuts.

How Much Time Is Required?
To maximize your investment in the experience and ensure that you build a personal brand that truly guides your career, you’ll need to be able to spend 2-4 hours a week reading through the materials, working through the course, joining the calls and participating in Facebook discussions.
How Long Will You Be Able to Sign up for the Master Class?
There are only TEN spots available for the Master Class. 

I’m intentionally keeping this small – to ensure I have the time to devote to your growth and to maximize your Master Class experience.

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The Kaplan Mobray Personal Branding Master Class
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The Kaplan Mobray Personal Branding Master Class
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